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Solutions To School Bullying In Elementary To High Schools

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Bullies in Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, or High Schools
By Lisa Dunning, MA, MFT

Is Your Child Being Bullied at School?

For most elementary and high school children school is a great place to learn, socialize and build self-esteem. But for a child who is bullied, school can be a place of terror. If you notice your child exhibiting any of the following 5 behaviors, there is a good chance your child is facing bullies in elementary school, middle school or high school.

School Bullying in Elementary to High Schools Sunday Night Flu

Many children who are bullied do not want to go to school. You might notice your child behaving normally on the weekend but as soon as Sunday night approaches your child might complain about feeling sick to avoid the bullies in school.

School Bullying in Elementary to High Schools May Cause An Increase or Decrease In Appetite

Pay attention to your child's eating habits. When a child is having emotional problems their appetite might decrease or increase dramatically.

School Bullying in Elementary to High Schools May Cause Your Child To Lose Interest In Activities

Children who are bullied will isolate themselves from the outside world. You might notice your child not going over to friend's house or participating in activities they once enjoyed.

School Bullying in Elementary to High Schools May Cause A Drop In Grades

Being a victim of bullies takes a toll on a child emotionally and physically. Because of this, a child might not have the mental strength to care about their grades.

School Bullying in Elementary to High Schools May Cause A Release Of Anger

Your child might experience anger or violent outbursts at home. When your child is emotionally attacked all day at school by bullies, they build up anger and resentment. This release of anger often occurs at home where they feel safe to express it.

Some Practical Solutions to School Bullying in Elementary to High Schools

If you suspect that your child is being bullied, here are some practical solutions to school bullying.  Talk to your child about school. See if they get agitated or try to change the subject. Let them know that you are there to help them. If your child confides in you that they are being bullied at school, actively listen to them and let them explore ways they would like to handle the situation.

Empower your child to talk to their teacher or the school principal about the bullying and specifically the bullies who are bullying them. If your child talks to the teacher and principal but the bullying does not stop, it is time for you to take action. Schedule an immediate meeting with the principal and your child's teacher and demand to know what action will be taken to stop the bullies from bullying your child. Do not treat bullying as a natural part of growing up or believe that it will all work itself out eventually. Bullying is a serious situation and has caused some children to commit suicide. Stay actively involved with your child's school and constantly talk to your child. Hopefully the solutions to school bullying in this article will stop the bullying. After the bullying has stopped and your child's life returns to normalcy, if you notice signs of depression or the symptoms of bullying are still present, seek out the services of a counselor or therapist. With your love and support, your child can regain the positive school experience they had before they were bullied.

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