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Lisa Dunning, Marriage & Family Therapist Article - Father's Day:  Why Do We Make Dad Work?

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Father's Day:  Why Do We Make Dad Work?

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Father's Day:  Why Do We Make Dad Work?
by Lisa Dunning, MA, MFT

It seems strange to me that on Motherís Day, many families take moms out to eat, but on Fatherís Day many dads slave over a hot grill, barbecuing for their family. Dads are expected to work hard all year long and donít even get a much deserved day off on Fatherís Day.

Why do we pamper mom on Motherís Day and make dad work on Fatherís Day?

If you have a husband who just loves barbeques and lives for that day every Fatherís Day then obviously keep doing it. But I am sure many fathers would prefer doing something they enjoy on Fatherís Day rather than slaving over a hot barbeque because that is what he is ďsupposed to do on Fatherís DayĒ.

Make this Fatherís Day special for the father of your children

Show him how much you appreciate him by allowing him to do things that he would like to do. Give him a day off and let him kick back and pamper himself as he did for you on Motherís Day.

Showing your husband how much you appreciate all the hard work he does throughout the year will help boost his energy and self worth, making the daily grind a little less grinding. Men can give the appearance that they donít need pampering on the outside but they still need their esteem boosted every now and then.

Father's Day is a great day to boost your husband's self worth

If you have always celebrated Fatherís Day the traditional way, here are some suggestions to make Fatherís Day extra special for him this year:


Take him to his favorite restaurant


Participate in an activity that he enjoys such as: golf, tennis, basketball, bike riding, etc.


Cook him breakfast in bed or at least make him his favorite dish


Have the kids write down why they love their dad and present it to him


Tell your husband what makes him a great dad


When celebrating his special day, disconnect the phones and devote the whole day to him

It is important that your husband knows that his role is more important than just the paycheck his efforts represent.  Always remember that money and jobs come and go but a father is forever.

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