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Getting Out Of Abusive Relationships

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Getting Out Of Abusive Relationships
by Lisa Dunning, MA, MFT

Many people who end up in abusive relationships came from a family of abuse. Either they were abused as children or they experienced domestic violence with their parents or possibly both. When a person only knows abuse it is difficult to get out of abusive relationships. The following suggestions are offered to help end the abuse.

One effective way to leave abusive relationships is set up an emergency plan. This plan should consist of setting away as much money as possible or even setting up a private bank account. Research battered women shelters in your area. If possible hide important documents and clothes so when you do leave they are easy access to grab.

Many people who are in abusive relationships do not have a support network. It would be beneficial to the victim if she could establish a safe place or a support person she can turn to in time of need. Keep this individual secret from the abuser.

See Abusive Relationships for What they Really Are

Many women stay in abusive relationships hoping the abuser will change. Many times the abuser will say they will get help and shower the victim with gifts and affection after the abuse. Women should be educated on the cycle of abuse and understand that no one ever deserves to be hit.

Abusive relationships can be deadly. If you are in an abusive relationship, contact your local law enforcement, seek counseling, find a support system and enter into a battered women's s shelter.  Your very life may depend on the action you take today.

No One deserves to be hit. If you are in abusive relationships seek help, immediately.

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